High Hopes Orchard and Farm Adventures Entertainment Park – Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Have Fun at High Hopes Orchard/Farm Adventures Entertainment Park in Westmoreland, NH. High Hopes Orchard and Farm Adventures Entertainment Park is an outstanding place to spend a day with the family in New Hampshire. High Hopes Orchard (for short) is located at 582 Glebe Road in Westmoreland, and you can get your fill of apples here in the fall. Yet, High Hopes Orchard is much more than a place to pick fruit. There are rides, activities, and fun events to enjoy here from July through the Christmas.

You may be interested in the fabulous assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables and other treats you’ll find at High Hopes Orchard, but your kids will be thrilled with the Amusement Park rides on site. Fun, safe rides at High Hopes Orchard include a roller coaster, Super Swings, Bucket Bide, Trike Tracks and more.

In addition to Amusement Park rides, there’s plenty of other activities you and your kids won’t want to miss at High Hopes Orchard. You’ll want to visit the Haunted Barn and explore the Corn Maze. If you’ve never been on a Haunted Train Ride, High Hopes Orchard is a great place to experience one for the first time.

After the thrills and adventures of the rides at High Hopes Orchard, spend some time at the Petting Zoo. Here you can learn about and interact with friendly farm animals. After a tour of the Petting Zoo, why not build your own scarecrow? This is one more fun activity to enjoy at High Hopes Orchard.

If you love fresh fruit and vegetables, High Hopes Orchard is the place to pick your own delicious blueberries, raspberries, pumpkins and of course apples. Pick your own fruits are available seasonally, and you can call ahead to check conditions by phoning 603 399-4305.

Fall is an extra special time to visit High Hope Orchards. It’s a great place to go to pick your own jack-o-lantern for carving, then relax with some fresh apple cider and delicious donuts. There are plenty of homemade pies to take home from High Hope Orchards, as well, including peach, apple, blueberry, and of course, pumpkin! You can even start your holiday shopping a little early in the charming gift shop on site featuring country-themed gifts, children’s toys, fruit and much more.

You and your family can visit High Hopes Orchard and Farm Adventures Entertainment Park from 9 am to 5 pm, July through Christmas.

582 Glebe Road
Westmoreland, NH 03467
Phone: 603-399-4305

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  1. Please take my word for it, this is a horrible place to go to with outrageously rude owners who do not like children. The owner yelled at my wife stating she wasn’t minding her children and at one of my daughters (8 yrs old) so badly that she had an accident. He could not be reasoned with and was belligerent. We will never go back, that’s for sure!

    Horrible, horrible place!

    And there is no amusement park anymore…for years now!